JRMC’s Family BirthPlace Delivers Ten Babies in Three Days

The Family BirthPlace at Jamestown Regional Medical Center (JRMC) experienced a memorable first, welcoming 10 new babies in only three days. Emily Woodley, Family BirthPlace manager commended her staff for how well they handled their own mini baby boom. “10 babies was very unexpected,” said Woodley, “our staff came in early and stayed late.”  Seven girls, including a set of twins and three boys were born. An online nursery is available at www.jrmcnd.com.


Prairie Reading Council Provides Gift Bags to JRMC Family BirthPlace

Pictured are Shannon and Brett with new born baby Asher Robert, born on February 8, 2012 and Family BirthPlace nurse, Marla Wagner. Shannon, Brett and Asher received one of 25 gift bags from the Prairie Reading Council.

Prairie Reading Council is an organization that promotes reading for all ages. They chose Jamestown Regional Medical Center for their Community Outreach Program for 2012.

February is designated as Reading Month in North Dakota. “We would like to present newborns at JRMC with a gift bag,” Prairie Reading Council.

The gift bags contain a book by Rosemary Welles, Read to Your Bunny, a bib embroidered with READ and a handout that encourages babies to become lifetime readers.

The bags with orange or yellow ribbons have a bib color that is appropriate for either a boy or a girl, the bags with blue ribbons are for boys and pink ribbons are for the girls.

One bag was supplied with an extra bib in the box in case of twins.

Congratulations Shannon and Brett!!

Dream Birthing Suite

What is included in your dream birthing suite?

Pictured: One of three, JRMC LDRP rooms.

This is a link showing Beyonce’s constructed birthing suite.

New Year’s Baby – Lilah Flory

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With less than four hours to spare, Lilah Jane Flory entered the world Sunday night as Jamestown’s New Year’s Day baby for 2012.

“We almost didn’t get here in time,” said Lilah’s mother, Ilana Xinos. “We’ve never had a baby so we didn’t know the contractions were real contractions — we thought they’d send us home.”

That wasn’t the case, and a few hours after Ilana and Sean Flory arrived at Jamestown Regional Medical Center, Lilah was born at 8:25 p.m.

The parents, who live in Jamestown, said they were grateful for the mild weather on their way to the hospital and the easy delivery. Although it did catch them off guard as they had nothing packed for their stay at the hospital.

Sean even left his camera in the car, and rushed out of the delivery room to grab it moments before the birth.

“It’s probably been a decade since I ran that fast,” he said.

Ilana said he was panting as hard as she was when he returned with camera in hand.

The 6-pound, 8-ounce baby wasn’t due until Jan. 4. But the family’s doctor, Dr. Tonia Hoggarth, family practice physician at Medcenter One, was able to pick out the date months ago.

“Actually our first appointment with the doctor, Dr. Hoggarth, she predicted it,” Ilana said. “She said ‘Your baby is going to be our New Year’s baby,’ and she was right.”


Lilah didn’t open her eyes much Monday afternoon but Ilana swears that they look just like her father’s. So far she said the baby has behaved wonderfully.

As a new father Sean said he was pleased with being the dad of a baby girl born on New Year’s Day.

“We won’t be able to forget her birthday now,” he joked.

Lilah even received gifts from JRMC as the first baby of the year. They included diapers, wipes, clothes, a blanket and a stuffed animal. There was even a fruit basket for the new parents.

“They were so sweet,” Ilana said of the JRMC staff.

The parents, both English professors, spent parts of Tuesday surrounded by friends who were happy for the arrival of Lilah.

But the night before, they were the only couple in the JRMC’s Family BirthPlace.

“We were the only people in here — it was nice,” Ilana said.

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