National Sun Safety Week

It’s National Sun Safety Week! We would like to remind you to block the sun, not the fun. According to the Sun Safety Alliance, sun exposure leads to many health concerns, including aging and potentially cancer, yet only about 20% of Americans use sunscreen daily. This week, remember the importance of protecting yourself from the harmful rays of the sun. Find out if you are getting too much sun from the photo below.



JRMCU: Joint Injections for Pain Management

jrmcu4x4_painInjectionsCOLOR_webJoin Jamestown Regional Medical Center (JRMC) on Wednesday, May 15 at 12:00 p.m. for a free educational forum on joint injections for pain management.  This forum is part of the “JRMC U” education series and will be hosted by JRMC Radiologist, Dr. Reddy.

Steroid injections into major joints like the hip or shoulder can help patients who suffer from acute or chronic joint and back pain. Injections into the spine can reduce inflammation to help reduce pain, tingling, numbness and other symptoms caused by nerve inflammation.

Through joint injections in the JRMC Radiology department, patients do not have to live with pain any longer. A free, light lunch will be provided. Please RSVP to 701-952-4796 as space is limited.

JRMC Announces New Foundation Director

Lisa_JcropJamestown Regional Medical Center is pleased to announce that Lisa Jackson has been named as the JRMC Foundation Director.

“Lisa has great experience in working with non-profit organizations and we look forward to her taking our Foundation to the next level.” stated Todd Hudspeth, JRMC CEO.

Jackson graduated from NDSU with a degree in mass communications and has worked in marketing with Newell Rubbermaid, annual giving and events for Jamestown College and major gift and gift planning for Kansas University Endowment. She is the co-founder of GivingPoint, a fundraising consulting firm and helped launch Today’s Giving, a philanthropy magazine. Most recently, she has been an independent fundraising and communication coach to area non-profits. She has a two year old daughter, Hadley and is married to Dustin.

Lisa will be responsible for planning, organizing and implementing strategies to achieve successful development of the Foundation.

JRMC Gift Shoppe Open House

openHousePostewebrJoin us on Monday, May 6th for an open house at the JRMC Gift Shoppe located in near the main entrance of the hospital. Enjoy new items, gifts and food samples. All funds raised in the Gift Shoppe are donated back to JRMC.

Bring a non-perishable food item and your name will be placed in a drawing for door prizes. All donated goods will go to the Jamestown Food Bank.

JRMC Holds Volunteer Recognition Banquet

On Tuesday, April 24th we held our Volunteer Recognition Banquet in coordination with National Healthcare Volunteer Week.  JRMC thanks the many men and women who donate over 6,500 hours to JRMC a year. Each one of them that makes the difference in the lives of those we serve.
Shirley Flieth who was recognized as the 2012 Volunteer of the Year. Shirley donated over 500 hours to JRMC this past year. Congratulations!

JRMC Seeks Affiliation Agreement to Work with Sanford Health

Jamestown Regional Medical Center will pursue an affiliation agreement with Sanford Health, the JRMC Operating Board decided unanimously last week at a planning retreat.

An affiliation agreement — the lowest level of relationship Sanford offers — would allow JRMC’s local board to retain all its decision-making powers, while also allowing JRMC to offer patients more cancer care options.

“It’s all about bringing services here,” said Connie Krapp, chairman of the JRMC Operating Board.

Should the affiliation agreement be finalized, JRMC will also be able to install and use Epic, an electronic health record system already in use by the Sanford and Essentia clinics in Jamestown.

“I think Sanford wants the relationship because they have a lot of investment in the community with the two clinics,” said Todd Hudspeth, CEO of the medical center. “They want to deliver care as close to the patients’ home as possible.”

Through cooperation with the Sanford Roger Maris Cancer Center, JRMC will be able to expand its chemotherapy offerings, and eventually, radiation therapy may be offered as well.

“Three to five years out, we’ll address that,” Hudspeth said, explaining that adding radiation cancer therapy would require the hospital to invest approximately $5 million in equipment. “The long-term goal is to get that out here, but we’re going to start with medical oncology.”

Currently, very little chemotherapy occurs at JRMC. It is offered in a small space in the emergency department, Hudspeth said.

Chemotherapy is rated at four different levels, based on potential complications and strength, and JRMC offers level 1, and a little bit of level 2. The idea, Hudspeth said, is that JRMC will continue that work but offer additional levels of chemotherapy as time goes on.

In addition, cancer treatment will be moved from the emergency room to a dedicated cancer center in the JRMC’s clinic building.

The medical center has long recognized a need for more local cancer treatment, Krapp said, even before the new hospital was built.

“That’s been on the wish list for several years,” Hudspeth said.

Partnering with Sanford could potentially allow JRMC patients to participate in Sanford clinical trials at JRMC, too.

For the most part, patients who aren’t being treated for cancer likely won’t notice any changes, Hudspeth said.

Utilizing the Epic record-keeping system will mean that the JRMC’s electronic records are totally compatible with those of Sanford and Essentia clinics, both of which use the same system.

While the hospital does already have an electronic records system, it doesn’t really “talk” to the clinics’ system.

Physicians feel that the new system will help improve patient care, Hudspeth said, and it also has the potential to reduce duplicate testing, as patients’ previous lab results will all be easily accessible.

“For quality and safety, it really makes a difference,” Hudspeth said.

Recent information from the hospital’s current system will be migrated into the Epic system.

“It’ll be a lot safer, more efficient for the patient,” Krapp said.

The licensing cost for the new system is extremely high, and installation is estimated to cost approximately $1 million. Much of that — probably 70 to 80 percent — will be reimbursed by the federal government, Hudspeth said.

Under the Affordable Care Act, the hospital would eventually be penalized financially if Epic or a similar system were not installed and utilized, Hudspeth explained.

However, a hospital as small as Jamestown Regional Medical Center would not be able to license itself under Epic, because it’s not big enough, he added.

Currently, Sanford is in the process of installing Epic in all its medical facilities, Hudspeth said. JRMC would likely install it sometime next winter, using its own IT staff and the back-office support of Sanford’s computer centers in Fargo.

Talks about partnering with Sanford or other larger health systems have been going on for a long time, but they intensified after the Affordable Care Act became public, Krapp said.

“We’re seeing tremendous change in healthcare with increasing focus on the cost and efficiency of care,” said Rick Giesel, president of the Sanford Health Network, Fargo. “Closer collaboration and integration lends itself to better align incentives and potentially avoid duplication of services.

“Evaluating a closer affiliation between JRMC and Sanford seeks to address our changing environment so that we can continue to offer the best patient care possible.”

JRMC Auxiliary Meets for April Meeting

The JRMC auxiliary held their monthly meeting on April 1 with Alice Williams presiding in president Carolyn Exner’s absence.

JRMC CEO Todd Hudspeth addressed the group announcing that a new foundation director had been hired. The VA will move into their new clinic space located in the Jamestown Clinic Building in late April.

The 25 members in attendance voted to pay $8,000 toward their $70,000 pledge to JRMC Foundation leaving a balance of $12,000.

The volunteer recognition dinner will be held on April 23.

A number of members will join delegates Sandy Hill and Linda Greer at the Hospital Auxiliary of North Dakota convention on May 16 in Mandan.

The gift shoppe is planning an open house for the public and hospital employees on May 6 from 3:00 – 7:00 p.m. to introduce new products acquired at market recently.  The open house will include tasting of food products available in the shoppe.