JRMCU: Direct Access Testing

jrmcu4x4_DAT_ColorJoin Jamestown Regional Medical Center (JRMC) on Wednesday, June 19 at 12:00 p.m. for a free educational forum on Direct Access Testing in the Laboratory. This forum is part of the “JRMC U” education series and will be hosted by Mary Bowder, JRMC laboratory manager.

Direct Access Testing provides lab testing at the convenience of the patient. Patients can order certain laboratory tests (mostly screening type tests) without the order of a physician. Lean more at the free monthly educational seminar about this new service at JRMC.

A free, light lunch will be provided. Please RSVP to 701-952-4796 as space is limited.

JRMCU: Joint Injections for Pain Management

jrmcu4x4_painInjectionsCOLOR_webJoin Jamestown Regional Medical Center (JRMC) on Wednesday, May 15 at 12:00 p.m. for a free educational forum on joint injections for pain management.  This forum is part of the “JRMC U” education series and will be hosted by JRMC Radiologist, Dr. Reddy.

Steroid injections into major joints like the hip or shoulder can help patients who suffer from acute or chronic joint and back pain. Injections into the spine can reduce inflammation to help reduce pain, tingling, numbness and other symptoms caused by nerve inflammation.

Through joint injections in the JRMC Radiology department, patients do not have to live with pain any longer. A free, light lunch will be provided. Please RSVP to 701-952-4796 as space is limited.

JRMC Announces New Foundation Director

Lisa_JcropJamestown Regional Medical Center is pleased to announce that Lisa Jackson has been named as the JRMC Foundation Director.

“Lisa has great experience in working with non-profit organizations and we look forward to her taking our Foundation to the next level.” stated Todd Hudspeth, JRMC CEO.

Jackson graduated from NDSU with a degree in mass communications and has worked in marketing with Newell Rubbermaid, annual giving and events for Jamestown College and major gift and gift planning for Kansas University Endowment. She is the co-founder of GivingPoint, a fundraising consulting firm and helped launch Today’s Giving, a philanthropy magazine. Most recently, she has been an independent fundraising and communication coach to area non-profits. She has a two year old daughter, Hadley and is married to Dustin.

Lisa will be responsible for planning, organizing and implementing strategies to achieve successful development of the Foundation.

New clinic building close to opening in Jamestown

Originally published in The Jamestown Sun December 1, 2012
By Keith Norman, The Jamestown Sun

Workers are installing countertops, cabinets and interior doors as construction on the clinic attached to the Jamestown Regional Medical Center winds down.

“We move on Dec. 26 and see patients in the new clinic on Dec. 27,” said Todd Hudspeth, president and CEO of the hospital. “Essentia Health moves beginning on Jan. 4 and is open for patients on Jan. 7.”

The move for the doctors associated with the Jamestown Regional Medical Center is short. They have been working from a modular clinic facility on the hospital grounds across the parking lot from the new clinic.

The move also provides the physicians associated with the hospital more space to work. The hospital staff currently includes physicians specializing in podiatry, obstetrics and orthopedic surgery. It also provides space for visiting specialists as needed.

“A lot more exam rooms,” said Cindy Gohner, vice president of clinical services. “We’ll go from 11 exam rooms that we share with the Veterans Administration to 22 exam rooms for our own staff.”

The Veterans Affairs clinic currently utilizes the same modular clinic as the JRMC clinic. It is scheduled to move to the new clinic building in February.

Essentia Health will be leaving its current location in downtown Jamestown.

“We’re very excited about the move,” said Dr. Scott Rowe, physician at Essentia Health. “It will not be too difficult. We’re taking so little equipment with us. We’re getting pretty much all new equipment at the new location.”

Rowe said the new equipment and the design of the clinic should improve the efficiency of the operation and the patient experience.

“The traffic flow (within the clinic) is so much more efficient given how we practice medicine now,” he said. “And it should be one visit for the patient for a lot of problems. That will be real advantageous for a lot of patients.”

The new clinic is attached to the west end of the JRMC building. This wing of the hospital includes the radiology department and labs that will be shared between the clinic and hospital.

“The ‘back door’ access to the hospital from the clinic will be convenient especially for orthopedic patients,” Hudspeth said.

The clinic is another step in a project that started years ago.

“The long-term goal has always been to have a complete medical campus in one location,” Hudspeth said. “We would like to see Sanford ultimately there also. Realistically, they operate two clinics now and they will want to consolidate sometime. It would be good to see that operation here.”

Sun reporter Keith Norman can be reached at 701-952-8452 or by email at knorman@jamestownsun.com

Couple Leaves Money to JRMC

Paul and Bertha Mayer farmed southwest of Gackle until 1977, when they retired and moved to Jamestown. After their deaths, Jamestown Regional Medical Center Foundation was one of eight community organizations in Gakle and Jamestown whom the couple supported through their final gifts. They left $10,000 to the JRMC Foundation. Foundation Director Jan Barnes said, “Paul and Bertha have supported the Foundation for many years. We have honored them by naming an admission bay after them in the new hospital.”

JRMC Hospital and Foundation Board Member Gives Gift to JRMC

Eric Monson, a JRMC hospital and foundation board member gave a gift of $5,000 to the capital campaign at JRMC. According to Jan Barnes, Foundation director, he has named a bench in the healing gardens for he and his wife, Patricia. Eric stated, “People have choices of where to go for their medical care. However, I feel Jamestown has the best medical community for its size in the entire region. In fact, I feel Jamestown’s is the most modern, well-planned hospital in North Dakota.”

Family BirthPlace Patients Now Have Room Service

Jamestown Regional Medical Center (JRMC) is excited to announce the introduction of a new service for Family BirthPlace (FBP) patients: breakfast room service.

“It is great for patients to have the option of room service for breakfast in the Family BirthPlace as schedules with a new baby can be difficult,” said Emily Woodley, FBP manager.

This new breakfast option is available Sunday through Saturday and allows patients to order from a variety of delicious café options and determine when they would like to have their meal delivered. All food will be served fresh and hot at a time that is chosen by the patient. “Room service allows mothers to work around baby’s schedule to receive a hot breakfast,” stated Woodley.

In the future, JRMC hopes to expand the room service option to include patients beyond the FBP and to offer meals in addition to breakfast.

Couple contributes cost to move cornerstone and inscription to JRMC

Dick Hall, retired CEO of Jamestown Hospial, and his wife, Geneal, contributed the cost of moving Jamestown Hospital’s original cornerstone and having it installed at Jamestown Regional Medical Center. “When we heard the cornerstone and inscription were going to be brought to the new facility, we were pleased that its historical value was being recognized,” Dick Hall said. “It’s a unique way of taking a bit of the past to the new location. I thought it would be a very nice way for us to be part of the new facility.”

CVHD continues research into area’s health demands

Originally published in The Jamestown Sun on 7/5/12.
By: Kari Lucin, The Jamestown Sun

Area health care providers continue to gather information about what health issues the community cares about, and have scheduled a public meeting to discuss the results of a phone survey.

The meeting and surveys are part of the community health assessment (CHA) and community health improvement (CHIP) effort, led by Central Valley Health District.

“Ultimately, we want to identify three to five priority areas to focus on,” said Tami Dillman, CVHD finance manager.

About 25 health agencies in Stutsman and Logan counties have been working on the assessment and plan, which serves as community health’s form of strategic planning.

The effort collects and collates data to assess health needs and possible solutions, and is partly funded with a $35,000 grant from the National Association of County and City Health Officials.

The information-gathering that has taken place has included existing information about the counties’ health, but also included a telephone survey of 400 people by Winkelman Consulting.

Survey topics included diet and exercise, alcohol use, sexual activity, access to care, education and employment, family and social support and community safety.

Information about the survey results will be presented to the public at a lunch meeting at 11:30 a.m. July 16 at the Gladstone Inn & Suites. People interested in attending should RSVP by calling 252-8130 or emailing info@centralvalleyhealth.org.

More information-gathering is planned for after the July meeting, including online surveys and Quick Response (QR) Code links to surveys.

Then the group will set to work determining the community’s health priorities.

Data will also be used to determine how to educate the public further about activities health care agencies already do that they might not know about, said Robin Iszler, CVHD unit administrator.

“It’s just exciting to get the whole community aligned,” said Samantha Revering, marketing specialist at Jamestown Regional Medical Center.

Community input has been a critical part of the process, Dillman added, and it’s best that community health priorities be based on the pulse of the community itself.

“We started with a large amount of options in February,” said Mona Klose, an outside evaluator of the CHA/CHIP process who works at Jamestown College, describing the group’s work to narrow down the possibilities, so it could focus on a few key areas.

“Now, I think, is the most exciting part. It’s what the community wants to do with that data,” Dillman said. “It’s been a great process so far, and we hope we get lots of feedback.”

Sun reporter Kari Lucin can be reached at 701-952-8453 or by email at klucin@jamestownsun.com

JRMC to host arthritis forum


Jamestown Regional Medical Center will hold a free forum on arthritis at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday. This forum is part of the “JRMC U” education series and will be hosted by Dr. Michael T. Dean, orthopedic surgeon at JRMC.

Dean will share ways to reduce pain, improve function and prevent further joint damage caused from arthritis.

A free, light meal will be provided. RSVP to 252-1050 as space is limited.