Couple Leaves Money to JRMC

Paul and Bertha Mayer farmed southwest of Gackle until 1977, when they retired and moved to Jamestown. After their deaths, Jamestown Regional Medical Center Foundation was one of eight community organizations in Gakle and Jamestown whom the couple supported through their final gifts. They left $10,000 to the JRMC Foundation. Foundation Director Jan Barnes said, “Paul and Bertha have supported the Foundation for many years. We have honored them by naming an admission bay after them in thenew hospital.”

JRMC Hospital and Foundation Board Member Gives Gift to JRMC

Eric Monson, a JRMC hospital and foundation board member gave a gift of $5,000 to the capital campaign at JRMC. According to Jan Barnes, Foundation director, he has named a bench in the healing gardens for he and his wife, Patricia. Eric stated, “People have choices of where to go for their medical care. However, I feel Jamestown has the best medical community for its size in the entire region. In fact, I feel Jamestown’s is the most modern, well-planned hospital in North Dakota.”

Bentzes Sponsor Piece at JRMC

Elmo and Ardina Bentz donated $1,000 to sponsor an art piece titled “Windmiss and Wheat” at JRMC. “It reminds me of my years growing up on the family farm,” Ardina said. “My parents taught us to give of our time and money.” “You can take the boy off the farm, but you cna’t take the farm out of the boy,” Elmo said. According to Jan Barnes, foundation director of JRMC, they also donated another $1,000 to have their name on a paver in the wellness walking path outside the hospital. Ardina worked at the hospital for 17 years and gave through the “Hour Club” employee giving program to obtain the paver, Barnes said.

JRMC Receives Donations

Si and Marth Liechty pledged $10,000 to name a patient room at Jamestown Regional Medical Center, according to Jan Barnes, JRMC Foundation director. “Two of our children were born at the hospital and six of our grandchildren were also born there,” Martha Liechty said. “we both have had surgery there and were always treated well.” Si Liechty added, “It isnice to be part of maintaining a quality hospital. It is a great improvement over the old hospital.”

Frigens donate $10,000 to JRMC

Ken and Vicky Frigen gave $10,000 to name the JRMC Infusion Room that Ken Frigen received his 40 chemotherapy shots in for multiple myeloma, according to Jan Barnes, JRMC Foundation director. “It was a way of giving just a little back,” Ken Frigen said. “I’ve counted on Jamestown Hospital/JRMC for emergency and medical care as well as rehab a total of 10 times. Having spent some time utilizing numerous and assorted prrofessionals in the medical field, I have begun to feel deeply appreciative of the facilites provided by and to our community.”

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