JRMC Cardiac Rehabiliation Program Continues to Grow

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at Jamestown Regional Medical Center (JRMC) is experiencing a boom in enrollment. For the past three months patient participation has continued to grow to all time highs, averaging over 30 percent more visits than previous months and over 50 percent more than last year.


According to Emily Kjelland, cardiac rehab manager, the growth has been very good for the past two years. “The growth we are experiencing can be attributed to our good referral base, proper marketing and the reputation of our program and care here at JRMC,” stated Kjelland. “The quality of our local care is keeping more and more people close to home.”


Cardiac rehabilitation is designed to help those with heart disease recover faster from recent events, such as a heart attack or heart surgery, so they may return to their normal lives. The program focuses on making a positive lifestyle changes in diet, exercise and tobacco cessation, enabling each patient to better manage their disease.


JRMC’s cardiac rehabilitation follows a three-phase approach that supports care from hospitalization through maintenance and prevention of heart disease.


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